To those of you who have been here before, welcome back. For those that haven't, I hope you've found what you're looking for. This is my little corner of the Web. Here you can find RPG resources for a multitude of games, most of it easily adapted to any setting, but designed originally for Palladium, Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder, and Spycraft.

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Announcements & News

A little shameless cross-promotion
General | December 22, 2012

Even I am not immune. I've recently started down the road of entrepreneurship and created my first smartphone app (though my primary focus is as a Web design/development and mobile strategy consultant). GM Toolkit is targeted to all you fine readers out there. It's a campaign management app that allows you to keep notes on your game. It is still in ... | Read more

New Pathfinder Material
World Expansion | September 08, 2012

I recently wrapped up the first segment of a Pathfinder campaign. I had been using Obsidian Portal, but decided to get things rolling here and transferred it. The campaign took place in Ustalav, a realm of gothic horror and old cults. I've added the personalities and key locations from the campaign, plus a starting plot point. I'm currently r ... | Read more

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